Researchers - CEMarin

CEMarin researchers

The CEMarin researchers are professors and leaders of research groups of the partner institutions of the Corporation that have expressed their intention to actively contributing to it. Our team of researchers currently is made up of a group of more than ninety Colombian and German scientists.

If you are interested in becoming part of this team, you can contact us through and send us a letter stating your intention to become an investigator of our Corporation and the reason why you want to do so. The request will be evaluated as soon as possible and a response will be given through that same means.

CEMarin associated researchers

The CEMarin associated researchers are active researchers of institutions that are not members of the Corporation, but they have expressed their intention to actively contribute to it.


1. Ph.D. and/or University professor

2. Evidence of participation as a P.I. in at least one project or participation as a co-researcher in at least three projects

3. Presentation letter by a CEMarin researcher.

         4. Motivation letter


         1. Help with the fundrising process for their project proposals

         2. Assist to CEMarin events (fees might be waived or apply depending on the event)

         3. Participation in the Corporation’s internal calls if their proposals involve at least one CEMarin researcher.


          1. Support the visibility of the CEMarin Corporation.

          2. Evaluate the research proposals assigned to it and that are received within the framework of the CEMarin Corporation calls.

If you are interested in becoming part of this team, you can contact us through and must request the Scientific Committee to grant you the category of CEMarin associate researcher, explaining the reasons why you would like to be associated to our Corporation. Along with your motivation letter, you must attach to the mail:

Your resume updated in English.

A letter issued by a CEMarin researcher in which he / she endorse your application.

The Committee will study the request and give you an answer through an email.

Once linked to the Corporation as an associate researcher, you can participate in the calls addressed to CEMarin researchers.

Early Stage Researchers

Our Early Stage researchers are postgraduate students in marine sciences and related areas who study or conduct research in any of the institutions associated with the CEMarin Corporation: the Justus-Liebig University, the National University of Colombia, the University of the Andes, the University of Bogotá Jorge Tadeo Lozano, the Universidad del Valle and the Universidad de Antioquia.

Objective: Encourage the growth of the scientific community, its strengthening and contribution to the development of society in general, by linking to our network of graduate student researchers working in marine sciences.

By becoming official members of CEMarin, postgraduate students can share their ideas, concerns, and projects with other students and renowned researchers from various areas, learning from their experience and knowledge. In the same way, we offer them the possibility to participate in the calls of the Corporation, through which they will be able to access scholarships and resources for their research.