29 Nov 2016 -     30 Nov 2016

CEMarin researchers and administrators from 6 universities meet for a mini summit in Medellín to discuss the CEMarin strategic science plan.

28 Sept 2016 -     03 Oct 2016

International CEMarin Omics Workshop "Omics techniques for the study of marine organisms and ecosystems".

30 Aug 2016

The CEMarin provides financial support to six CEMarin Early Stage Researchers for the International CEMarin Omics Workshop within the framework of Call No. 9.

30 May 2016

The CEMarin provides financial support for nine (9) doctoral thesis projects in Marine Sciences and related topics within the framework of the Call No. 5.

27 Feb 2016 -    04 Mar 2016

International CEMarin field school 2016 "Global change: tropical coastal ecosystems under pressure".

17 Oct 2015

CEMarin participation in the XVI Seminario Nacional de Ciencias y Tecnologías del Mar y XVI Congreso Latinoamericano de Ciencias del Mar 2015.

30 Sept 2015











CEMarin participation in the XIV Expociencia Expoctecnología in Cofreias, Bogotá, Colombia.

9 May 2015

Official inauguration of the CEMarin as a corporation of science and technology, BogotáClaustro de San Agustín.

15 Feb 2015

Visit of the German Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier, to the CEMarin in Santa Marta.

29 Jul 2013

Inauguration of the CEMarin-DICM course program.

7 Feb 2012

Inauguration of the CEMarin-DICM course program 2012 with 12 new doctorate students.

31 Mar 2011

Students of the CEMarin-DICM class of 2011 have their first field trip

Students of the 2011 cohort during a field trip to the Tayrona Park led by Prof. Valeria Pizarro.

7 Feb 2011

Start of the course program 2011 with 7 new doctorate students

5 Oct 2010


Numerous representatives of politics, society and science participated in the grand opening of the CEMarin. Among them were Dr. Hermann Otto Solms (Vice-President of the German Parliament), Dr. Omar Diazgranados Velasquez (Governor of the Department of Magdalena), Dr. Javier Botero (Vice-Minister of Education of Colombia), Dr. Jürgen Christian Mertens (German Ambassador to Colombia), Dr. Amparo Ramos (Delegate from the Vice-Minister of Environment of Colombia), Dr. Efraim Otero (Minister of Health a.D.), Prof. Dr. Joybrato Mukherjee (President of the Justus-Liebig-University Giessen), Dr. Francisco Arias (Director of INVEMAR), Prof. Dr. Moisés Wasserman (Head of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia), and Prof. Dr. Iván Enrique Ramos Calderón (Rector of the Universidad del Valle).

15 May 2010

The CEMarin in Santa Marta moves to its new location

Students and staff move to the new CEMarin facility at Centro Comercial Prado Plaza

22 Apr 2010

Opening of the CEMarin course program 2010

Germany's ambassador to Bogota, Jürgen Christian Mertens, officially opens in Santa Marta the course program of the CEMarin class of 2010

11 Apr 2010

Students of the CEMarin-DICM class of 2010 have their first field trip

New students of the CEMarin conduct their first field trip to Tayrona National park